Kareena impresses Prakash Jha

kareenakapooracc.jpgKareena Kapoor is quite the professional, even on holiday. Recently, while she was in Detroit, she rented out a studio just to re-dub one line for Prakash Jha's Satyagraha, before it was sent for screening to the Censor Board.

"The film went for Censor certification on Thursday, and just before that, we found that one of her dialogues had gotten corrupted," says Jha.

Knowing that the actor was travelling, Jha asked her to record the line on her phone and email it to him. But Kareena, knowing the quality of that clip wouldn't be satisfactory, preferred otherwise. "Her dedication and professionalism has surprised me. As soon as she reached Detroit, she found a studio herself and recorded the line before she checked into her hotel. This was amazing on her part," says the director.

Source: Bollywood

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